Our attorneys are routinely called upon to defend insureds in a wide variety of civil litigation cases all over the United States.  Our cases range from the small property damage claim, to the complex personal injury lawsuit, and covering sensitive cases such as school cheating scandals and medical privacy violations.  Regardless of the size or complexity of a claim, our attorneys are mindful of the cost of litigation and try to first resolve a claim before litigation is necessary, employing various alternative dispute resolution solutions, including mediation.  Our attorneys know the ins-and-outs of litigation and will vigorously defend your insureds and often utilize fee-shifting tactics when appropriate. While most cases can typically be resolved short of litigation, we are not afraid to try a case.

Most recently, we defended against a first-party subrogation lawsuit, where the other insurer insisted upon going to trial and resisted all reasonable settlement efforts. After obtaining a defense verdict for our client, the trial court awarded us in excess of $230,000 in attorneys’ fees from the plaintiff.