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Fields Howell has long represented London and Bermuda based reinsurers in arbitrations throughout the United States. We regularly address issues such as follow-the-fortunes, aggregation, reinsurer bad faith, commutation, and captive issues. Our attorneys also conduct audits of domestic insurers across the United States, delicately evaluate the cedant’s underwriting and claims functions, and work together with the cedant to identify and develop resolution strategies for problematic claims. Fields Howell has a strong reputation for understanding the importance of the relationship between cedant and reinsurer and for adding value to the underwriting and claims process to facilitate lasting relationships between reinsurers and cedants.

Reinsurance Team


Paul L. Fields, Jr.

Nolan C. Hendricks

Jonathan D. Kramer

Robert E. McLaughlin

Joshua Myles

Samantha L. Rowles

Jennifer W. Wolak