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Over the years, we have recovered millions of dollars for insurers while only taking selective cases, often after other firms turn them down.  In recent years, Fields Howell attorneys returned $2 million to insurers in two cases we resolved.  With our contingency fee model, we take on all the risk.

Fields Howell is happy to consider subrogation cases on an individual basis, negotiating a progressive contingency fee that accurately reflects the risks associated with your case.  While many subrogation firms prefer to negotiate a flat-rate across all subrogation matters they handle, the rate charged on the cases they elect to pursue is often disproportionate to the risk, reducing insurers’ recovery. Fields Howell will discuss rates with our subrogation clients that are mutually beneficial and appropriately reflect the level of risk.

Subrogation Team

Subrogation Team

James M. Bauer

Christopher R. Brooks

Paul L. Fields, Jr.

Taryn M. Kadar

Stephen A. Kahn

Logan M. King

Ann T. Kirk

Gregory L. Mast

Armando P. Rubio