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Bad Faith

In the United States, many insurance cases involve allegations of bad faith.  We regularly counsel our clients on actions to avoid bad faith claims.  When our clients are faced with a bad faith claim, we position cases to eliminate the value of the extra-contractual claims, forcing parties to focus on the actual quantum in dispute. Many lawyers will often strong-arm clients into settling bad faith claims, but Fields Howell believes in cost-effective solutions. When insureds are uncooperative and it is economically reasonable for our clients, we can and do try cases to verdict.

Bad Faith Team

Bad Faith Team

Justin A. Bassett

James M. Bauer

Giulia Bollini

Alery Delgado

Zachary J. Ferreira

Paul L. Fields, Jr.

Brandon R. Gossett

Tal Harari

Nolan C. Hendricks

Taryn M. Kadar

Stephen A. Kahn

Ann T. Kirk

Jonathan D. Kramer

Marshall N. Lahiff

Gregory L. Mast

Robert E. McLaughlin

D. Reid Morelli

Adam R. Rivera

Lionel F. Rivera

Tyler Bryant Walker

Jennifer W. Wolak