We handle all types of product liability cases including vehicles, motors, boats, jet skis, electronics, consumer and household products, appliances, medical products, and pharmaceuticals. Because product cases often involve complex allegations, it is important to ensure that experienced and accomplished advocates are retained.

These are expert intensive cases, which can often be won or lost on the ability to limit or exclude the testimony of plaintiffs’ paid expert witnesses. For that reason, we focus on aggressively challenging so-called experts, who will often testify on topics outside of their expertise for money.

Adding to the complexity of products cases, the parties often will not know the extent to which the court will allow similar occurrences to be admitted into evidence for jury consideration. As a result, too often attorneys with less jury trial experience will urge you to settle at the last minute. While litigation is somewhat unpredictable, we fully evaluate cases early on to minimize the risk that insurers and insureds will be caught off guard as trial approaches.