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Casualty & Excess Casualty

A significant portion of our firm’s practice deals with traditional bodily injury and property damage liability claims where we serve both as coverage and defense counsel.  We have worked on all kinds of cases, from soft tissue injuries to those involving permanent disability and even death. Many times, we are asked to handle cases with exposure significantly in excess of the policy limits or to represent excess carriers where primary insurers and insureds are trying to pass their exposure to our clients.

We take a proactive approach to casualty cases by collecting information on the front end to accurately reserve and ensure coverage issues are preserved.  Our reputation for trying and winning the tough cases allows us to negotiate reasonable settlements early in the case and minimize attorneys’ fees.

Casualty & Excess Casualty Team

Casualty & Excess Casualty Team

Stephanie Armas

James M. Bauer

Paul L. Fields, Jr.

Tal Harari

Nolan C. Hendricks

Taryn M. Kadar

Stephen A. Kahn

Ann T. Kirk

Jonathan D. Kramer

Gregory L. Mast

Robert E. McLaughlin

Adam R. Rivera

Lionel F. Rivera