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Marine & Energy

Fields Howell’s insurance maritime liability practice covers a wide range of claims that can arise in the fields of maritime and energy. Our practice includes Death on the High Seas Act, Jones Act, maintenance and cure, and passenger personal injury claims ranging from minor injuries to dismemberment and even death both at port and at sea.  As with all cases, we seek cost-effective resolution and defense of these claims.

Fields Howell advises insurers in respect to coverages commonly provided in the energy sector. These coverages include both on shore and off shore risks, loss of production income coverages, extra expense, knock for knock indemnity agreements, and normal business operations clauses.  We also defend underwriters in coverage disputes arising out of the denial of these claims.

Marine & Energy Team

Marine & Energy Team

Paul L. Fields, Jr.

Jonathan D. Kramer

Ann T. Kirk

Gregory L. Mast

Armando P. Rubio